Carry up to 7 bikes without damaging your bike or truck!

Carry up to 7 bikes with the MultiTaskR

Bike manufacturers are no longer warranting bikes that have been damaged due to using tailgate pads. Our rack secures your bike using your steer tube & keeps it off your tailgate. Not only preserving your bike warranty, but preventing scratches & damage to your truck.

Start with the basic MultiTaskR rack & add your adaptors

The MultiTaskR base rack comes with everything you need to install into your truck $349. Add attachments to carry bikes. Optional Ford Plate mounts are available for no drilling installation. $60

Add Steer Tube Mounts (STMS) to carry your bikes

Add the lockable Steer Tube Mount (STM) to hold up to 7 bikes, depending on the width of your truck bed. $80

Up close Steer Tube Mount (STM)

Fast & easy, locks your bike in under 30 seconds. The STM inserts into your Steer Tube (Fork) and expands & locks into place.  This unique mechanism is a new way of transporting your bike.  

Lockable knobs protects your bike

On a scale from 1-10, our security lock bolt is rated a 10. Compare that to a rating of 5 for locking cylinders. 

shop now & start carrying your bikes the right way!

2-4 bike packages available, or customize to up to 7 bikes

Complete 4 Bike Buddy Pack (as shown), everything you need to carry 4 bikes. $689. Additional STM's $85, Optional Ford No Drill Mounting Plate $60.

4 Bike Buddy Pack $689

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How to use the Steer Tube Locking Mounts

Load & Unload your bike in less then 30 seconds.  No need for tie downs, ropes.  Lockable.