Secure & lock your water gear off the tailgate

Hold up to 2 kayaks

Is your kayak hard to lift up? Easily load your kayaks, no high lifting required.  Holds it off your tailgate, but still access your tailgate without moving anything.  Prevents shifting. No tie downs/ropes needed. Lockable, so you don't have to worry about leaving your gear while stopping for lunch.

Lock & secure multiple surfboards

Keep your board off your tailgate.  Prevents damage to your board & your truck & is lockable.  Hit the waves in the morning  & lock up your board & head to work or school. Quick  & secure.

Start with the basic MultiTaskR rack and add attachments. Or choose a package.

 The MultiTaskR base rack comes with everything you need to install into your truck $349. Add Multi Mount attachments to carry all your water gear. $179 set. Add a secure lock bar for $50. 

Add expandable, lockable Multi Mount's for all your long water gear

Multi Mount Lockable arms, extends up to 14" high and opens up to the width of your truck bed.  Padded interior prevents scratching.  $179 set.  Add a lock bar for added security.

Lock bar with rated 10 security bolt

Add the protection of a real lock, one that can't be cut.  Made from 6061 aluminum and equipped with a security bolt rated 10.  (Barrel locks are rated a 5.)  $50-$55 in 24" & 36" lengths.

shop now & start carrying your water gear the secure way

MultiTaskR Truck Rack LG & Board Package

Complete MultiTaskR LG Board package.  Everything you need to carry multiple surfboards, or a kayak or SUP $528. Add a lock bar for $50 to fully secure your valuables.

Long Gear Package $528