Secure gear off your tailgate & still open your tailgate

Keep lumber in its place with no tie downs

Stack & lock lumber with the adjustable Multi Mounts.  Arms extends ups to 14" high and open up the width of your bed. 

Hold ladders & lumber

We've all seen the mangled ladders along the freeway. Don't let your ladder wind up this way.  Lock & secure quickly with the Multi Mounts. No tie downs, no ropes. No high lifting. Great for contractors, cities & other public work industries. 

Start with the basic MultiTaskR rack, then add your attachments

MultiTaskR basic rack (as shown), everything you need to install into your truck bed. $349. Add Multi Mount Arms to carry long gear $150.  Optional Ford Plate Mount for no drill installation $60.

Multi Mount Lockable arms

Multi Mounts expand up to 18" high and open up to the width of your truck.  Expands to hold a multiple layers of lumbers, several ladders, PVC pipes, etc. Padded interior prevents scratches.  $179 set.

Lock Bar, solid aluminum with NASA grade lock bolt

This is a real locking system.  Can't be cut with bolt cutters. Solid aluminum. slides through your Multi Mounts and locks with 10 grade security bolt.  $50 of pure power.  24" & 36" lengths. 

shop now and start securing your work gear

MultiTaskR Truck Rack LG & Board Package

Complete MultiTaskR LG Board package.  Everything you need to carry a load of lumber and a ladder $528. Add a lock bar for $50 to fully secure your materials & gear.

Long Gear Package $528