Exodux Story

Our name

Exo - Greek for Outdoor,  Dux - Latin for Leader

Our Roots

 Our design idea started when we began to see riders throwing a blanket onto their truck tailgate then putting their expensive bikes hanging over the gate. We saw shifting, damaged equipment, broken frames & even lost bikes on the freeway. What started as an idea to protect and transport bikes, turned into being able to transport all kinds of sports equipment & even construction materials- safely, securely and quickly. 

With a background in the sports industry we are the original owners of Hurricane Components & the Fork Up -the design we patented & now is private labeled by top rack companies including Thule & Yakima. We have also designed and worked directly with RockShox and Cannondale for specific Fork Up's to fit their spec's. After the sale of Hurricane and the Fork Up we took some time off, but are now back in the rack business with our new company, Exodux and our most versatile new product, the MultiTaskR rack. This is probably the most versatile rack you will find, holding your bike, kayak, surfboard, SUP, lumber and more.  A different way to move your gear.

Come join us as we change the way you move your life!